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Braunston School’s history curriculum strives to inspire our children with the curiosity to know more, understand more and remember more about the past. We aim to provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to appreciate where they have come from and how past events and significant people have helped to shape our world today.

Our history curriculum is entirely embedded in the National Curriculum and is ambitious in terms of what we want the children to learn and remember. The areas of history we cover are outlined below in our long term plan and to the left hand side of this page you can find links that show how we have made broader connections both within and across year groups in history and other subjects. This is what makes our curriculum unique and engaging, enabling children to link knowledge they learn in a meaningful and dynamic way.

Braunston School’s history curriculum is divided into two knowledge types: procedural knowledge and declarative knowledge. Procedural knowledge encompasses how children work ‘historically’ and gain knowledge about using sources, understanding chronology, using questioning to deepen knowledge and finding similarities and differences between and within time periods. Declarative knowledge is the detail and facts about the time period being covered such as when and where events happened and the significant people that had impact on the time period. We believe that combining these two strands of knowledge leads to deeply meaningful learning and provides an excellent base on which to build historical knowledge year on year.

Below you can also see examples of our history work across the year groups. We have chosen to show you how our source and chronology work (procedural knowledge) marries with the historical facts we learn (declarative knowledge).

History Long Term Plan

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